y Adventure to becoming a photographer is layered in a lot of different life moments...


This is how my story began...

Science + Art will forever be my jam. 

I am a science + art nerd at heart. I love a good philosophical convo and will geek out to any + all things that are the mystery + magic of our universe. I spent 12 passionate, life changing years as a secondary educator in Connecticut- teaching science to 100 kiddos a day. They were the most transformative years, helping me see and understand this world + humans in ways I could not have been able to otherwise.

7 of those years I balanced both teaching + this business full time. As beautiful as it was that I was living out two of my dreams, I chose to step back from teaching to have more space for living.


My soul is filled with joy whenever I get to hike, backpack, or spend time in nature. I've been lucky enough to backpack in beautiful places throughout the States to Nepal. 

The people in my life mean the world to me. I have friends across the globe that I love dearly, and just about anywhere I go I find a home in the humans around me.

This past winter, I fell in love with solo backpacking throughout SE Asia and I'm already planning out my next adventure across the globe. I have a long list of things I would love to do....from hiking the PCT, to living at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica through their Artists + Writer's Program - (ya girl can dream).

But to be fair, I find New England to be one of the best locations. I love road trips up the coast of Maine, diving head first into any lobster roll shack on the side of the road. Any day hiking in the Berkshires or Whites always feels like the perfect adventure. Vermont has my heart and anywhere from MA to CT- I find that the most joyful days are the most ordinary; the ones I will always treasure with the humans I love most.

When I look back at my journey in photography today, it’s rooted and shaped by some of the most beautiful and difficult moments of my life. For me it started at a young age, watching my mom snap away as life unfolded. Over the years she captured hundreds and hundreds of memories from our childhood. Printed in film, and encapsulated with a lot of love. I took on this love of capturing life this way throughout high school. 

"...I enter the spaces of your life, your celebrations, your joys and loved ones, with a profound sense of the beauty + complexity of the life we get to experience.


When I was 19 I unexpectedly lost one of my younger brothers. Grief swallowed me, and completely changed the ground I walked on. It now was with the photographs my mom took that I had a connection to so many moments with him + my siblings.

Grief changed the way I view the world. It altered the way I love, the way I show up in the lives of those that surround me, the way I see the most ordinary things as some of the most beautiful + precious. 


I enter the spaces of your life, your celebrations, your joys and loved ones, with a profound sense of the beauty and complexity of the life we get to experience.

I understand how precious each part of your story is; the big and the small, from before your special day, to the many years that come after. I understand just how important not only your memories are, but the way I show up and create space for you to be uniquely yourselves. 

It’s in my blood to connect to people and to see their story, to understand where they came from and where they are going. I’ve been blessed with over 150 weddings, from New York to Maine. Each celebration has had it's own unique story + love. It has been a privilege to be a part of this journey with my couples, to be by their sides throughout their celebrations and joys. 


I know the value it is to invest in my clients from the first time we talk, throughout each step of the planning process, every form of communication, during each edit of your photographs, to the moment I hand you over your images to cherish. I am invested in being a part of this experience for you both.

Being a part of your wedding experience every step of the way is so important to me

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Capturing not just the romantic + creative images,
but the emotional + imperfect ones too

creating a wedding story unique to you, no matter how big or small the celebration

My Values as Your Photographer

... photography, and capturing the authentic, timeless moments. It captivates me when I have couples that create a wedding day unique to their lives and an experience that their guests will remember for a lifetime. That may be saying 'I do' in your favorite museum surrounded by works of art special to you, to dining and drinking under the sky at the farmland you always bring your pups to, or having an enchanting tented garden wedding at your family’s estate where you spend your holidays with loved ones.

photograph to serve couples that value...


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"Her work is not just pictures, it brings back a feeling, and it's the greatest feeling ever to relive the best day of our lives.."

- Katie & Michael 

I value creating an experience for you and not just a photography session. My goal is always to make you both comfortable enough that it feels like you're on a date, laughing, being silly, and spending time with the one you're madly in love with. 

My goal is to capture the quirks of the relationship, what bonds you both together in your partnership and to strengthen your wedding day story by paying attention to every nuance, soul present, smile, and story told.

I want to capture the organic moments. When your best friend turns to another to laugh about a dance move, your mother clasping her heart as she listens to sentiments told by family members, or your grandmother that watches with kind and quiet eyes as you grab your love for your first dance.