... 12 year old on my team of students my first year of teaching science. This student was a part of a tight knit team of 7th and 8th graders that needed teachers in their lives who believed in them, knew their potential, and pushed them to be their best. I worked with the most passionate, awe-inspiring team of educators, whose very presence made me not only a better educator but a better human.

he spark for this adventure started with a rambunctious, hilarious, kind-hearted...


This is how my story began...

I have these vivid memories of him riding his scooter around the room after classes were finished, pondering life and chatting away. One morning his hand shot up and he asked: 

“Miss, what do you want to be when you grow up?!”

The innocence of the question made me stop and smile. I remember thinking well, this. And it’s true, it was. I wanted everything in my soul to be an educator of science and surround my life with helping people, and I was living it. But then something in me paused, and I said “well if I got to choose something else besides teaching, I would have loved to become a photographer.”


Follow Your

The next day during one of our transitions, I came into my room to a post-it note on my computer that read: “Follow your dreams!” This little one continued to tell me during that year how I needed to go for it, just like I tell them to. 

And his voice became this echo. Day in and day out, I started to feel this motivation. Why shouldn’t I listen to him, I loved photography so it made all the sense.

...and his voice became this echo.



In the summer of 2012 I bought my first professional camera, and started this journey. I took every opportunity I could to learn, and grow on my own as well as from some of the best professionals in this industry. With time I found my own voice in this new world. I fell in love with the ability to create art, for myself and for those I loved. I began to feel the fulfilment it was to not just create art, but to tell stories for people around me, to capture their life in this moment of time.

"...to tell stories for people around me, to capture their life in this moment of time.


I still get to wake up and teach 100+ kids in 9th and 10th grade about the wonder and beauty of the sciences. I still get to inspire, and be inspired by these 100+ students that each have their own dreams, needs, and challenges. I get to build and learn and grow as an educator and as a human.

I also get to wake up everyday with a camera in hand, and connect to loved


ones starting out on new paths. I have this strong desire to create art and speak the truth of other’s lives. Everyday I have an excitement for what's to come, and who I will be blessed with to capture. What never meant to become a business, slowly turned into this beautiful opportunity to be connected to so many amazing humans.

It’s in my blood to connect to people and to see their story, to understand where they came from and where they are going. I’ve been blessed with 11 years of teaching and over 100 weddings. I am living two of my very own dreams everyday I wake up


I know the value it is to invest in my clients from the first time we talk, throughout each step of the planning process, every form of communication, during each edit of your photographs, to the moment I hand you over your images to cherish. I am invested in being a part of this experience for you both.

This is why it is so important to me to be a part of your wedding experience every step of the way.

learn about the wedding experience ⟶

I am a visual storyteller

that uses the richness and vibrancy of your love

to document a wedding story that is unique to you,
no matter how big or small the celebration.

My Values as Your Photographer

... photography, and capturing the authentic, timeless moments. It captivates me when I have couples that create a wedding day unique to their lives and an experience that their guests will remember for a lifetime. That may be saying 'I do' in your favorite museum surrounded by works of art special to you, to dining and drinking under the sky at the farmland you always bring your pups to, or having an enchanting tented garden wedding at your family’s estate where you spend your holidays with loved ones.

photograph to serve couples that value...


learn about the wedding experience ⟶

"Her work is not just pictures, it brings back a feeling, and it's the greatest feeling ever to relive the best day of our lives.."

- Katie & Michael 

I value creating an experience for you and not just a photography session. My goal is always to make you both comfortable enough that it feels like you're on a date, laughing, being silly, and spending time with the one you're madly in love with. 

My goal is to capture the quirks of the relationship, what bonds you both together in your partnership and to strengthen your wedding day story by paying attention to every nuance, soul present, smile, and story told.

I want to capture the organic moments. When your best friend turns to another to laugh about a dance move, your mother clasping her heart as she listens to sentiments told by family members, or your grandmother that watches with kind and quiet eyes as you grab your love for your first dance.