Best Elopement Locations in Connecticut 


Connecticut, with its charming landscapes and quaint towns, offers a beautiful and romantic backdrop for intimate weddings and elopements. As a wedding and elopement photographer, I’ve witnessed countless love-filled affairs throughout this tiny state. For couples looking for a more personal and smaller-scale celebration, here are some unique ideas to consider:

Host a Farm Wedding in Connecticut at White Gate Farm

Imagine exchanging vows amidst the rustic charm of White Gate Farm. This venue allows for intimate-sized weddings, surrounded by organic gardens and a serene farm setting. The farm-to-table dining experience adds a unique and authentic touch to your special day!

Rebecca and Kevin’s intimate wedding at White Gate Farm was a heartfelt event with just about 10 guests. Rebecca’s father played the violin, while her brother strummed the guitar, adding a personal touch to the ceremony. The farm setting combined the couple’s love for gardening, hiking, and the outdoors. Not only did they feel right at home there, but R + K bought a campground that shares the lake with White Gate. Before the day began, their close friend canoed their boat down to the dock outside their cabin. As the sun set, the two took their boat out with a cheers + champagne, and the most romantic evening ride.

R + K got to stay at the tiny cabin on the property overlooking the lake. Once used as an ice house, the cabin now makes for the perfect getting ready location, and spot to watch the sunrise the day after your I do’s.

Embark On An Adventure Elopement in The Connecticut Mountains

For adventurous couples, Connecticut’s Taconic Mountains offer a breathtaking location for your celebration. People’s State Forest is tucked away next to the Farmington River in Barkhamstead, CT. It provides not only some of the most private spots for hiking + elopements, but also some of the most beautiful scene’s for those who wish to elope in the heart of nature. This setting is perfect for couples wanting an intimate ceremony with the wilderness as their witness!

Shannon and Darren’s elopement in the Connecticut mountains at People’s State Forest was a unique adventure. They knew they wanted their elopement location to be one where they return to time and time again for date nights and anniversary trips. With only their officiant and pup, they celebrated their love amidst stunning views of Connecticut’s hills and valleys! They both have a passion for hiking and backpacking, so they knew they wanted to incorporate those activities on such a special occasion. S + D wanted their elopement to reflect the essence of their relationship: their love for nature, creativity, and laid-back vibes. Having an adventure elopement was the perfect way for them to do just that! 

Speaking of creativity, these two spent the last minutes of sunset painting the scene of their day. Could you imagine anything more special? Drawing is something they do together often (with Shannon being a tattoo artist), so it was just one more intentional aspect to add to an already deeply personal elopement. 

Sail At Sunset On A Sailboat Cruise

Why not take your vows to the sea with a sunset sailboat cruise along the Connecticut shoreline? This romantic option offers a unique experience for you and your partner to celebrate your union with the beauty of the ocean and the sky as your backdrop.

Nadia and John’s wedding began with a ceremony at Yale Campus, followed by a sunset sailboat cruise around the shoreline. Their day was a reflection of their personalities, from the ceremony at Yale where they met, to a relaxed meal at one of their favorite oceanside restaurants. Each of their friends and family members went around the table and shared special stories of the couple, everyone laughing and soaking up every moment the entire night. One of my favorite things about intimate affairs is that both you and your guests are able to be fully present for every moment – something you’ll remember and cherish forever. 

Plan A Summer Wedding at Eolia – Harkness Memorial Park

Eolia, the mansion at Harkness Memorial Park, is a picture-perfect location for a summer wedding. The historic elegance, combined with picturesque gardens and seaside views, creates an unforgettable setting for an intimate summer celebration.

Vanessa and Matt themselves chose Eolia at Harkness Memorial Park for its intimate and historic atmosphere. Their wedding was deeply personal, with décor inspired by their love of photography and a menu that recalled their first date! They only had 20 guests in attendance, as their planner joked they planned a pre-COVID ceremony before it was even mandated. 

With a more intimate guest count, Vanessa made mini portraits of all 20 guests as a wedding thank you. It was so important to them that their personalities were woven into their day – down to the miniature pug (an ode to their pup, Miles) on their cake. For dinner they fit cozy in one of Eolia’s side dining rooms, laughing the night away as they listened to speeches by loved ones. Truly a romantic celebration with their closest loved ones.

Keep It Intimate With A Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings can be some of the most magical intimate celebrations. They offer a personal and cozy atmosphere for a smaller guest count as well as the intimacy and intention of celebrating your love in a place that is so special. Your day at home allows for a more relaxed setting, and flexibility for how you would like to create an experience for guests, making it a perfect option for those who prefer a low-key yet memorable wedding!

Rachel and Elliot celebrated with immediate family (just their parents and siblings) for their ceremony, followed by a larger dinner party with about 40 guests. I loved how they were able to fully present for their intimate dinner due to taking their portraits at their ceremony location! 

Meanwhile, Brooke and Chad’s DIY backyard wedding under a large oak tree was nothing short of magic. Their celebration showcased their creativity, love for their home, each other, and closeness to nature. Both got ready in different rooms, followed by the sweetest first look in front of their home. Presence + connection were felt so strongly throughout, as they got to intimately be with each loved one on this day in different ways. With smaller weddings, it’s much easier to allow for more time and space into the timeline of your day – something that many couples cherish. 

Ready To Plan An Intimate Wedding Or Elopement in Connecticut?

Connecticut’s diverse and charming venues provide numerous options for couples planning an intimate wedding or elopement. From rustic farms to scenic mountains and ocean views, these ideas cater to various styles and preferences, ensuring your day is exactly what you had hoped for!

If you’re planning an intimate wedding or elopement in Connecticut, I hope these ideas have given you a spark of inspiration. When you’re ready to book your photographer, I would love to get in touch with you! To learn more about what I offer, you can visit my Experience page and inquire through my contact form to book your date.

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