A Magical Adventure Engagement Session in Stowe, Vermont


K + J’s engagement session had everything an outdoor adventure session could hope for in Vermont. The Green Mountains offer an abundance of options for nature lovers when it comes to finding inspiration. Stowe specifically emerges as a top location, with charming backdrops of mountains and rolling hills, quaint farms, town centers, lakes, and waterfalls. This is an enchanting spot to capture your love. In this blog, I dive into one particular adventure session that has my heart, with K + J – from an enchanting mountain hike to exploration through the local corners of Stowe.

Why Stowe, Vermont is Perfect for Adventure Engagement Sessions

Our adventure started at a local trailhead beneath a dark sky illuminated by the brightest of stars. Just the day before, the area was bustling with cars and people exploring the fall foliage. One of the best parts of waking up early however, is that you will have the forest entirely to yourself.

We made our way up the trail, headlamps illuminating the way, talking about life and manifesting the best wedding day for J + K. With the smell of crisp mountain air surrounding us and the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet, it was the perfect start to our day together.

A Vermont Sunrise Hiking Engagement Session

The sky very slowly filled with a warm glow, and K + J got ready for our session as I watched their dog prance around the grounds in joy. Adventure sessions fill my soul as I get to spend extra quality time with my couples in person, learning all about who they are as a pair as we hike together.

The forest and lake made the perfect backdrop to our adventure session, echoing sentiments of their very first date together and their love for the outdoors. We spent time exploring during the morning light, enjoying the views around us.

Little breaks were a must to keep warm!

As the sun peaked above the trees, we made our way back down the mountain and onto the next part of our adventure together.

Exploring Stowe’s Charming Townscape

We ventured to a local covered bridge, and enjoyed some moments near a bustling little river. Tours of individuals bopping around Stowe would get off every so often, congratulating the couple. We found it fun to watch as the groups mingled, experiencing a similar joy from the tiny roads and landscapes of Vermont.

I can’t help but find myself falling more and more in love with adventure sessions with my couples around New England. They are filled with so much laughter and genuine time together doing something my couples love. The day really was filled with so much joy. From the predawn hike to welcome sunrise at the top of a mountain, to meandering through charming townscapes, J + K’s engagement session in Stowe, Vermont was filled with so much celebration of their love and the natural beauty that Vermont has to offer.

Embracing Leave No Trace Principles

I think it’s important to note that one important practice of all adventure sessions is following Leave No Trace (LNT) principles. Respecting our environment, staying on the trail, and being careful to preserve the natural beauty of the land we get to call home for a short period of time is a vital part of celebrating our love for each other and nature. The location we went to for their session had multiple areas roped off, protecting fragile ecosystems, which we made sure not to disturb.

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