Kristyn + Pat || Lighthouse Point Park


I met with Pat and Kristyn one afternoon to talk about their hopes for their wedding day and learn about their story. Along with them was beautiful little Scarlette, with this vivacious soul just like her mama. Kristyn chatted with me about how it was important for them to not just have photographs but art, to have their story be told through those images, and of course if I didn’t fall in love with these amazing people then, it would not have taken me long. Each have these gracious, genuine souls that fill every room with laughter and love when they walk in.

One of the parts of their story I love most is the beginning of it. Kristyn was dancing the night away to the musical styling of Mr. Lipbone Redding at the same place Pat was working. If you have ever met Kristyn you instantly are pulled into her laughter and smile, which may have been the first thing Pat noticed. Kristyn and her friend danced the night away, and when she noticed Pat out of the corner of her eye, she swooped in and forced him to dance. Now after witnessing how much fun Pat was the night of the wedding, I have to imagine that Pat was not reluctant to jump right in as the best dance partner that night. After what seems like moments of dancing, Pat reluctantly realizes he has to return to work. 

Pat chimes in at this point to mention that as the night was ending, he was standing up on a rickety old ladder by the front door and notices Kristyn walking out of the venue with her friend. Pat said that in that moment he knew he had to say something to Kristyn before she got away. Kristyn unknowingly continues to walk while he stumbles off the ladder, chasing after her down the street.

Enjoy all of the love below that you will find, each of them has so much of it to give. 

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