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I have been privilege now to have attended dozens and dozens of weddings. I always look forward to the moment where you get to peek into the depth of the relationship before you. Where the layers get peeled back a bit, and you become a part of their story if just for a second. You see the path that lead them here, and the direction it’s going to continue to after this day. You become a witness to one of the most precious parts of being human– loving someone. When these two wrote their vows, I felt all of the layers of their relationship, and complete joy that they together will continue in this life. 

I love you.
I love your warmth
I love your compassion
I love your strength
I love your smile and your laugh
I absolutely love when you laugh so hard you hit a higher pitch and your entire face is beaming with joy
I love that you love ice cream, because ice cream is awesome
I love that you’re an amazing cook
I love that you sometimes, occasionally pretend to like the soccer games I watch on TV
I love how much you care for others
I love that you fight for those less fortunate than you
I love your dedication to learning and teaching
I love your sense for adventure
I love that you still enjoy skiing even after we got caught in a white out above 12 thousand feet
I love your desire to travel and see the world
I love that you never want to miss an experience or try new things
I love your interest in languages, reading and exploration
I love seeing how you are an amazing daughter, sister, and friend, to everyone here
Meg, I love you.

I promise to let you watch soccer at any hour — even when we first wake up and it seems like the most unnatural thing to do – and even if it’s in Spanish and —- guys, he really, really doesn’t speak or understand Spanish —- even when the 90 minutes of soccer promised suddenly turns to 108 minutes— I promise to let you watch and not to complain..much.
I promise to sit side-by-side together until we grow old somewhere warm, playing games staring at the ocean at “guac o’clock.”
I promise to always make time, rain or shine, to look at the stars and let you tell me about them.
I promise to always say “bless you” even after the 10th sneeze in a row every year when you’re allergic to Spring.
I promise to support you in your dreams and your hopes, and trust you to take care of us and our family.
I promise that even on the worst days- the bad hair days, the long commutes, broken copiers, the no umbrella rainy-days, weeks, and months, that I will give you my love to make it alright.
I promise to always be there for you.
I promise to always love you the way I do right now, today.
I am so happy to marry you, Quinn, and build our dreams together.

Florals  |  Nicole Mata – Delamata Designs

Hair and Make-up  |  Allure Traveling Beauty

Catering | Gourmet to Go

Dress  | RK Bridal

Band  |  Silver Arrow Band

Planner  |   Natalie Trento Events

A huge shout out to my second shooter Tiffany Joyce 🙂 

I was lucky enough to join Meg and Quinn for a bit the night before their wedding. Hudson NY has the most extravagant architecture throughout in each of their buildings in town. The details flow from out to in as you venture into these beautiful homes. A family member of Quinn owns the most quaint bed and breakfast right in Hudson, the Inn at Ca’mea at Allen Street (a MUST for you to check out if you are in the area!). Together with both of their families they gathered for their outdoor rehearsal dinner. 

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