Lion Rock Farm | Sharon CT | Caitlin & Jeff


Caitlin & Jeff decided to celebrate their wedding day with friends and family surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Lion Rock Farm is truly a magical location for a wedding celebration. As you make your way towards the 600 acre farm, you are greeted by a beautiful scene of rolling hills, open fields, and lakes that seem to have perfectly poured in between the mountains. The farm greets you with a long driveway flanked with large sturdy trees.  Guests enter the property and make their way through magnificent gardens that lead them to the same beautiful views they met when first arriving.

I have had the pleasure of photographing multiple weddings here, as well as attending one once as a guest, and I can say it truly is one of my favorite locations. You can walk from the lower house, where the gentlemen generally stay, up to the top within minutes. What is nice is it provides enough distance for the two parties to have privacy while getting ready, but both parties get to experience the same beautiful tones and heart of the farm from morning to night.

| Makeup – Larissa Lake & Co |

| Music – eta music |

| Dress – Hayley Paige | Boutique – The White Dress by the Shore |

| Florist – Country Garden Florist |

| Cake – Lorelie Carvey

| Venue – Lion Rock Farm  |


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