The Magic of Hiking Elopements for Connecticut Couples


Connecticut Elopement’s in the Mountains

I bring to you one of my all time favorite days in Connecticut this past year. A growing number of couples are discovering the magic of a more intimate, personal, and adventurous wedding celebration. Shannon and Darren’s intimate elopement day in Connecticut is a beautiful example of this. A full on happy dance ensued the day that Shannon and Darren reached out to me, hoping I would be up to hike with them to capture their elopement.  The moment we were on the phone, we dove into talking about favorite trails and adventures we all had been on. I felt an instant connection to these two and couldn’t wait to hash out our best trail options, logistics, and all the little details that would make their adventure elopement everything they’d dreamed of. 

If you are thinking about an adventure elopement in Connecticut that includes hiking, I’ve broken down some of the top reasons this may be best for you!

Creating a Day Unique to Your Relationship | When I asked Shannon + Darren about their hopes for the day, both stated how much hiking + nature is a part of who they are. It was the foundation to their friendship that grew over the many days they spent adventuring together into the relationship they now have. You as well may both have a strong love for hiking or nature and feel the pull to be amongst it for your day too. Creating intentional space to be amidst towering trees, skipping over rocks, climbing to summits and watching the sunset was an immediate no-brainer for Shannon + Darren in honoring their passions + relationship. And wholeheartedly, there was not one moment of this day that didn’t feel magical.

Peaceful + Serene Atmosphere | People’s State Forest in Connecticut is one of my personal favorite spots to run away from the hustle + bustle of life. It’s a playground for adventurers, with over 200 acres of forest, 11 miles of hiking trails, rugged terrain, and little babbling brooks throughout. Multiple trails lead to different viewpoints, offering a stunning scene of the Connecticut River Valley with the Farmington River meandering through; the perfect backdrop for the finale of your elopement day. The amount of people that hike those trails are generally small, so at any given time you will find peace and serenity throughout the forest. Shannon and Darren chose to celebrate prior to their hike setting up camp, celebrating with cake, coffee and exploration of the nearby grounds. Once ready we headed out and made our way to their ceremony location. Not a single hiker passed us during this time, and the two shared their vows with Darren’s cousin, the officiant, and the open sky. 

Flexibility + Ease | Knowing the area really well meant that I had multiple options for adventure locations for Shannon and Darren to explore. Hiking days also give flexibility for sunrise or sunset sessions, and movement around potentially bad weather. Shannon and Darren’s wedding day ended up having clear skies and the most gorgeous sunset so we didn’t need to worry about switching things around – but as they both told me on the phone, they were ready to get married on this day come rain or shine 🙂 After their vows, we ventured off to the second lookout to watch the sun go down. Shannon and Darren share a love for drawing, painting and art which is an activity they would often do together. So with the flexibility of time on their hands, they got comfortable and enjoyed the ending to their day – while each created a painting to be framed for home. 

Escape from the Stressors of a Large Wedding | The year of the pandemic was the rise of intimate wedding days, followed by grand celebrations the next year. Many couples that chose to do both had opened up after the final wedding celebration that their more intimate first wedding celebration was the one that stood out to them as the best day. There is a lot of planning, to-dos, and possible bumps in the road to planning a large celebration. For many couples, choosing an elopement or intimate wedding day with a handful of your closest friends means you will have the opportunity to be more present with each other and free from the stressors of a large gathering.

There are so many other wonderful reasons adventure elopements may be the best choice for you. If you’re thinking of diving into creating the most magical day for the two of you – please reach out on my contact form.  If you’re also thinking of the possibility of a different type of elopement day, this blog post goes over 5 unique intimate wedding ideas in Connecticut. I could not be more thrilled to jump into planning the best day for the two of you!

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    Absolutely stunning, Mel!! Being so present with your love on your wedding is so so important 🥺

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